You can change your android phone screen resolution without root. All you need is basic adb setup and commands knowledge and an app from playstore called “sm resolution changer”.In this tutorial I will show you the process step by step in details.

Warning:Changing screen resolution may lead to crash some of apps on your phone.

STEP1: Intall adb and fastboot on your computer from this link below

The link contains .exe file for windows PCs.

STEP2: enable developer options on your phone.

To do that,open your phone, go to settings,go to about phone,you will see some options over there.Tap on “build number” option several times so that developer options will be enabled.

STEP3:Enable usb debugging in developer options.

Go to settings>developer options>android debugging. ebable it.

STEP4: Istall “SM Resolution changer app on your phone”.

STEP5: connect your phone to pc with cable .

STEP6:Open command prompt on computer. For that you need to search “cmd” or “command prompt” on your pc and open the app by clicking on it

STEP7: Type “adb devices” in command prompt and hit enter button. Now the command prompt show your android phone id as connected adb devices.

STEP8: Open the app on your phone. The app gives alert dialog or warning “WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS is required to use this app” .

type ”
adb shell pm grant com.draco.smresolutionchanger android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS “this adb command withot quotes on command prompt and hit enter. so that you can use the app.

Now the “SM Resolution Changer” app opens with UI. You can change the resolution and click on “apply” button. The changes appear instantly.No reboot/restart required.


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