How to Root your phone

root checker
root checker

WARNING:Rooting voids your phone warranty. Rooting may damage your phone if you delet any system app or flash wrong file in to the system.

What is rooting?

Android phones have modified linux kernel. Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as rootaccess) over various Android subsystems. When you root your phone ,su binaries will be installed into system.So that you will becom superuser of the phone. You can do many things which you cant do in a non rooted phone .

Rooting benifits: There are many benifits with rooted phone.Some important ones are given in the below

You can delet bloatware or pre installed useless apps.

You can Flash custom kernel.Flash custom ROM,flash zip files.

You can Block ads

You can Boost your Android Device’s Speed and Battery Life

How to root Your Phone?

Depending upon phone model you can root by many methods. Most of the phones need bootloader unlocked befor rooting. You can know your bootloader locked or unlocked by pressing the key combinations power+volume up or power+ volume down.

If your phone comes with unlocked bootloader,You can easily root your phone with one of these rooting menthods given below.

If your phone has locked bootloader, Unlock it first. and proceed to root with these given methods.

The most simple way is flash suitable TWRP recovery for your phone and flash or file from recovery.

or You can try these methods.

Some popular root Methods:
KINGO root
LG One Click Root
iRoot (aka vRoot)
Towel Root
Stump Root
Universal Androot
Baidu Root
Easy Rooting Toolkit
CF Auto-Root
SRS Root
Root Master
Root Genius
360 Super Root

After rooting your phone, Check whether it properly roote or not with the Root Checker App.


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