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WiFi password Show app will help you to show wifi password on your android device.
This is not a Wifi hacker or wifi Password hacker.Easiest way to show wifi password.Wifi password viewer will not work without root.

WiFi password show app also works as an indicator that device is rooted or not (root checker).If you see Superuser permission dialogue when you open the app,it means your device has root access. If your device is not rooted,This App will notify that your device not rooted or not given superuser permission.

Manage wifi networks and wifi passwords with this app “wifi password recovery”.Whenever you type a password and hit connect button,The network and password details will be stored in root folder /data/misc/wifi/wpa suplicant.conf file. If you type wrong password,It will also be saved.When you hit forget button of any wifi network,The details in wpa suplicant configuration will be deleted.

Some devices (e.g. Samsung,HTC) encrypt WiFi passwords, so that no app can show them clearly. To show them, please, following the instructions available here: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/95923/decrypting-wpa-supplicant-conf-on-samsung-galaxy-mobiles

If you feel this app wifi password recovery is not responding,just update super user binary on your phone and reboot then open again.



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