WiFi Router Setttings Android App

manage wifi router,setup wifi router

Simple way to access WiFi router setup Page, How many users connected to a wifi netwoork,scan to show who use my wifi,wifi thief detector and default Wi-Fi admin passwords

WIFI Info : IP Address, Physical Address, Net Mask, WiFi Encryption, WiFi Frequency, IMEI Number, Device Model Info, Manufacturer, MAC Address, Netmask, External IP Address, Network State(Hidden/Visible), DNS Server, System Uptime, DNS Address, Gateway ( and many more info.

And this WiFi Router App lets you know who is connected to your wifi router.

This app “router setup page” automatically detects your gateway which is,192.168 15.1 or etc. which you have to search through a laptop or a computer before. Things you can do with this App is Wifi password change, router password, router settings, WiFi settings etc. You can also change router password as we have provided the list of default wifi router admin username and password. router settings.

This Wifi Router app contains all default usernames and passwords for all wifi routers such as Dlink,tplink,asus,netgear,tenda etc.

Playstore App URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wifi_router.wifimanager.routerlogin


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